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We’re so sure you’ll love our toothbrushes and our very practical
subscription service that we’ll give you a full refund if you don't
~ No questions asked.

Cancel anytime with very few clicks.
Free shipping always*

See our subscribers' reviews.



    New toothbrushes arrive every 3 months
    (or sooner) at your door as
    recommended by the ADA.
    Free Shipping Always*. Great Prices. Taxes incl.


    As you prefer. Every 3 months, every
    other month, or every month.
    Modify / Skip anytime.
    You’re in control!


    No contract. No long-term commitment.
    You can cancel your subscription in just a
    few clicks. Truly.
    No questions asked.

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4 times a year, receive at your door new, clean,
effective toothbrushes for you and your whole family.
You're done with the days when you were "cleaning" your teeth
with 10 million bacteria!
(average number of bacteria on a seemingly clean toothbrush)


How does getNewToothbrush work?

It's very simple. Every 3 months, or every month or every two months as per your preference, we will deliver your new toothbrushes at your door.
This way you can stop wondering and worrying about when it is time to change toothbrushes. You get new ones when it is time, for sure!

Is there a fee to subscribe?

No, there are no fees. You only pay for your toothbrushes. Shipping is always free for families of 3 or more and a very small flat fee of $2 S&H is charged for 1 or 2 person(s). And there are no hidden fees either!

Are your toothbrushes good quality?

Absolutely! They are made with quality materials (Dupont bristles from Germany, ...) and are soft-bristled as recommended by the ADA so your gums and teeth are truly protected.

Are your toothbrushes more expensive?

No, quite the opposite. A quality toothbrush like ours is about $4.99 or more on average at your drugstore or supermarket. Ours are $4.50 including taxes and shipping is free*.
So is the quality of your toothbrushes lesser?
No. Our toothbrushes are great and offer the same high quality as brand name toothbrushes or better even than some. So where does the difference come from? We put less in our pocket. ;) We are a social entreprise, we care to help everyone, including you with great pricing.

How often do you advise me to change my family's toothbrushes?

The American Dental Association recommends to change them every 3 months for maximum hygiene and effectiveness. So that would be the minimum. Now, if you ask us for our recommendation, considering not effectiveness but hygiene and considering the number of bacteria present on a toothbrush (10 million on average), every month sounds like a cleaner option. But that's just us.

How many times will I get toothbrushes every year?

It will depend on how many times you wish to receive them. The American Dental Association recommends to change them every 3 months for maximum hygiene and effectiveness. Certain persons require or wish to change them more often, every other month or every month. So you will receive your new, clean, effective toothbrushes 4 times a year or 6 times or 12 times, depending on your preference.

What is your cancellation policy? What is your refund policy?

Our cancellation policy is easy and really quick to implement.You can cancel anytime, for any reason. No questions asked. Very easy. Too easy actually...

Our refund policy is simple and straighforward...100% money-back guarantee.If you are not totally satisfied with your toothbrushes or subscription, email us here to let us know and we will automatically cancel your subscription and refund you under 24h.

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